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Innovative Spaces and Practices

Warilla HS has conducted a great deal of research into how we can create learning spaces that promote 21st Century skills such as Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication. In 2016, a large group of students were involved in a focus group, where they were asked about the elements of a learning space that enabled optimal learning.

These focus groups, in addition to the current research around 21st Century environments, informed a range of prototypes throughout the school.





While much has been learned much about the way that students engage in these learning spaces, we also understand that it is the teaching practice is paramount in the effectiveness of the space.



We currently have eight (8) learning spaces at Warilla High School undergoing transformation into "Innovative Spaces" (including outdoor learning spaces equipped with WI FI). The impact of these spaces, is evidenced with increased student engagement.


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