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Visible Learning

Visible Learning originated from Professor John Hattie's research, based on millions of students and represented the largest meta-analysis and synthesis of what improves student learning outcomes. The areas covered in his research looked at factors such as: home, school, teacher, student, curriculum areas and teaching strategies. From these areas, he ranked 138 influences on student learning outcomes from very positive effects to very negative effects. Hattie found that the average effect was 0.4 and used this as a way of judging what factors works best. From the 138 influences, it was found that the quality of teaching and the specific teaching strategies used, made a significant difference to the student learning outcomes compared to all other factors. Hattie stressed the importance of teachers being evaluators of their own practice and knowing their impact upon student learning.

Warilla HS has been working in consultation with our Partner Primary Schools, to implement a range of Visible Learning strategies such as Learning Intentions, Success Criteria and Learning Progressions. It is intended that the inclusion of these evidence-based strategies will increase the consistency of learning from Year 6 into Year 7 and beyond.