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Visible Thinking

21st Century Learning relies heavily on developing skills of Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Creativity. Teachers at Warilla HS have embedded a range of teaching strategies that stimulate students to think more critically about what they are learning and to work collaboratively with others.

By making thinking visible to others, students are learning from each other and they are able to give and receive feedback from others. The use of Non-Permanent Vertical Surfaces (whiteboards) is well supported by educational research to engage students in their learning more effectively.

Warilla HS students have been involved in research at the University of Wollongong to measure levels of engagement, and as a result the school's engagement, the IMSITE project at UOW have funded one of our Mathematics classrooms to be fitted out with whiteboards.

Many of the classrooms have been transforming to include more whiteboard areas, as teachers have observed a significant increase in student engagement with the prototyping that has occurred.

Visible Thinking Routines have also been implemented in all curriculum areas, to structure student thinking and provide a scaffold to improve student writing.