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Public Speaking

Community of Schools Public Speaking Initiatives


With our main focus at Warilla High School ensuring that we cater for and nurture the 21st century learner, public speaking is becoming increasingly significant to ensure well-rounded, confident and competitive individuals that will have developed the skills necessary to outperform within industry. Inclusively, it is paramount that as a Community of School's we develop strong relationships within the region to ensure positive experiences and associations with the Public Education system within our area.

Public Speaking is a significant component of the Australian Curriculum with students expected to complete a form of speaking task within every stage of their schooling career. These opportunities of public speaking enable students to develop the skills needed to develop relationships, prepare for the workplace and travel the world. This highlights the importance of providing a stage in which public speaking becomes more prominent with incentives to make achievements within this arena more appealing.

Through the Community of Schools (CoS) Public Speaking Competition and the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program initiatives we will not only prepare our community for the expectations of the new century, we will also develop closer and more positive relationships. Along with the other programs within COS, we will endeavour to show the passion and dedication we have to fulfilling the goals of the children within our area.

The Youth Leadership Program is a series of workshops that enable participants to develop communication and leadership skills through practical experience. Participants learn to:

  • Evaluate present speaking ability
  • Organise and give speeches
  • Give impromptu talks
  • Control voice, vocabulary and gestures
  • Give constructive feedback and more…

These sessions run every Tuesday throughout Term 2 at Warilla High School with nominated students from each of our feeder skills and students from the Warilla High School SRC. The Program celebrates the success of the participants, with a Showcase held at Warilla High School displaying the skills they have developed over the term.

The CoS Public Speaking Competition evolves from school finals, celebrating the success of the winners from each school at a Grand Final Showcase held at Warilla High School. This is adjudicated by Illawarra Toastmasters and Warilla High School executive, and displays the public speaking skills of our local community.


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For more information on Public Speaking at Warilla HS, please contact Mrs Napier Cassandra.l.michell@det.nsw.edu.au