Warilla High School

Seek, Truth and Knowledge

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Our Values

At WHS we have the well-established values of Excellence, Respect, Integrity & Compassion.

These values are the basis for the behaviour that we expect in all areas of our school, our community and in our society. We use these values to explicitly teach positive behaviours and expectedations. These values also reflect the type of world we hope our students can positively contribute to.

To be excellent is to:

  • Do your best at learning activities.
  • Bring the equipment you need to learn.
  • Complete your homework & assessment tasks on time, to the best of your ability.
  • Be persistent in the face of challenges and difficulties.

To have integrity is to:

  • Be accountable for your choices and their consequences.
  • Be on time for lessons.
  • Your mobile phone is off and away, all day.
  • Act in a safe way.

To show respect is to:

  • Allow others the environment to learn.
  • Use language that is appropriate for school.
  • Take care of the school's environment, facilities and equipment.
  • Wear our uniform with pride, everyday.

To be compassionate is to:

  • Treat others with care and kindness.
  • Use inclusive language and to challenge discriminatory behaviour.
  • Give people their personal space.
  • Act with others in mind.