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CAP (High Potential and Gifted Education Program)

Learning in the CAP Program

CAP is the High Potential and Gifted Education (HPGE) program at Warilla High School. 

The CAP Program strives to develop the talent of high potential and gifted students. The program consists of two selective classes formed for Years 7 and 8. Students in these classes are encouraged and supported in the optimisation of growth across the domains of potential:

  • Intelligence
  • Creativity
  • Socio-Emotional
  • Physical

Year 8 Maths Enrichment Opportunity
Working Like a Mathematician at the University of Wollongong

The CAP Program is delivered across all Stage 4 subjects, with a consistent focus for teachers to provide lessons incorporating higher order thinking strategies and develop 21st century learning skills. Central to the CAP Program is the incorporation of project based learning, cross-curricular learning and advanced skills projects. These are planned throughout the year and run across multiple subjects.

CAP also strives to support students as they consider future career paths and studies. By engaging with classroom teachers, enrichment programs, and study skill initiatives, students will acquire the necessary skills to apply themselves in tertiary study and their desired careers.

How are students identified for the CAP Program

Identifying high achieving students for the CAP Program is an intensive, data driven process undertaken throughout Year 6.

All students from our local feeder primary schools are tested. These schools include:

  • Shellharbour Public School
  • Flinders Public School
  • Shell Cove Public School
  • Warilla Public School
  • Barrack Heights Public School.

Students who attend these primary schools do not need to seek out further CAP Program testing.

Students who do not attend one of our local feeder primary schools may also be eligible for CAP Program testing. These students must be fully enrolled to attend Warilla High School for the subsequent school year.

Testing occurs at the student’s primary school. The following quantitative and qualitative data is collected and used to form the two CAP Program classes:

  • Check-In testing data
  • AGAT testing data
  • Primary school results
  • Information provided by primary school transition team
  • Interviews with primary school teachers
  • Student observations by CAP Program Coordinator.

This rigorous testing process allows us to be confident that the student identified for the CAP Program should begin their Stage 4 learning in one of the high achieving classes.

Contact Us

For further information on the CAP Program, please contact:

Ryan McGillivray

CAP Coordinator
(02) 42963055

Year 7 Study Enrichment Opportunity
Study Skills Development Evening With Parents at Warilla High School