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Spaced Revision

What is spaced revision?

Spaced revision involves introducing specific time intervals into your revision sessions to avoid getting overwhelmed by the study materials.

This is an effective form of learning in which you take some breaks in between your study sessions to make the information indelible in your long-term memory. 

Studying for 5 hours a day without taking a break can overstuff your brain. It is like flogging a dead horse. At the end of the day, you cannot remember half of what you have learned. 

Spaced revision can also help us prepare for the long-game. 

Why does this work? Spacing out your revision works because it lets you forget, recall and re-learn the information in increasingly faster ways. This way you spend time revising what you can't recall more than what you can. 

This cements the information in your long-term memory.

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