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Warilla's dancing sisters Annika and Cianna Little selected as features for School Spectacular

Warilla's dancing sisters Annika and Cianna Little selected as features for School Spectacular

Warilla High School students Cianna Little, Year 9 and Annika Little, Year 11. Picture by Robert Peet

Sisters Annika and Cianna Little have been dancing together since they were toddlers and now the Warrilla High School students will take center stage at the prestigious Schools Spectacular.

The pair have been announced as feature dancers in the ballet ensemble, after undergoing rigorous auditioning for the NSW public school variety show.

Representing their family, their school and the Illawarra, Annika said she's glad she can dance with her younger sister.

"We get to go home and practice together, and perfect it and get the timing correct. You've got someone there you can turn to," year 11 student, Annika said.

Year nine student, Cianna said she enjoys using dance to express her emotions.

"You can tell a story about something that either can be happening in your life or another person's life. Just to express it through emotions through movement," she said.

No easy feat, to be named a featured artist

They join 149 specially selected featured artists who were chosen from a pool of 900 nominations across the state. It's the first time Warilla High School has had a feature dancer at the show.

To be chosen for the event is a testament to the students' talent, the executive producer of Schools Spectacular Richard Spiewak said .

"[It's] also an opportunity for students to nurture their love for performing while working alongside some of the finest talents in the entertainment industry," he said in a statement.

The pair will perform at Sydney's Qudos Bank Arena on November 24 and 25.

"We get to be able to explore our creativity as well as engage with other choreographers and work with other students and expand our social circles," Annika said.

Warilla sisters are dancing for mum

The Little sisters say their number one inspiration for dance is their mum who also started practising at a young age.

"She understands the commitment that's needed and the dedication towards it ... I couldn't ask for a better mum," Annika said.

"I think that's why we keep dancing to make her proud."

The 40th anniversary show 'Fabulous' includes the Aboriginal Dance Ensemble, an 80-piece symphony orchestra, a stage band, a 2,600-voice choir, 2,300 dancers, and the D'Arts Ensemble for students with disability.

The sisters are among seven students representing the Illawarra, the other five are from the Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts.

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